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30 Second Story Jan. 22

Quasars, lots of them.

Nah. You've never seen 'em.

The hell I haven't. How many times have you died and come back to life?

None, that I know of.

Exactly. None.

I've been dead once more than you. And I tell you. I saw quasars.

Was that right after the train hit our car or some time later?

Who can say? I was dead for 13 minutes they said.

The waitress came over to their table. She had dark eyes that were bright at some point. Still, she made an effort. Neither of them noticed.

"Y'all ready to order."

They flipped their big, plastic menus over and studied them once more. There were so many choices.

"Give us a minute, doll. Refills on the coffees, please."

"You got it."

She dumped more thin, watery coffee into their mugs and returned to the kitchen.

The cook asked, "Do those two know what they want yet?"


"Gonna be awhile, then?" "Yep. Feels that way to me."


"Shit is right. I don't think they know they're dead yet."


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