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Short Stories - Necessary Distractions?

So in between working on the book I've been writing short stories to keep my mind fresh. I've gotten to know some of these new characters and have become attached to their stories and their outcomes and I very much want for them to thrive and succeed. It's not up to me though--the characters go where they need to go.

Does it take away from my work on NORTH COAST VIDEO? Some might say a lack of focus is the poison pill that's killed many a worthy project and there is truth in that. Or, you could say, any writing is good writing and it all goes in the same pot at the end of the day. I've pulled characters from the book and plopped them into the short stories and (probably) will do the same for the book. My goal with these short stories is first to enjoy creating them. The process is the practice and it usually improves with repetition. My secondary goal is to submit them for publication. I won't say which outlets I have my sights set on because they are foolishly ambitious goals. But, what if?

I'm going to keep writing them until I feel like I have a stable full of ponies and then I'm going to let them run. That being said, I can't stray too far from the path or I won't be able to find my way back.


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