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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I've been writing in some form or fashion, well, since the early 80s. How did I become forty years old? I feel like I'm twelve. My primary form of communication, beyond flapping my gums, is songwriting and music. I feel truly connected to my source, joyful and present when I am writing songs and building them in a studio. At one point I was a slave to that process, but I grew, settled down and learned to treat it as a practice and craft rather than an obsessive devotion. Big change, helpful, highly recommend it if you are a struggling/starving/brooding artist or writer type. My life is noticeably lighter now and my work is better. During the pandemic, like many of you/us, my schedule opened up and I found myself gazing longingly at my creative writing degree that sits in my closet behind the one suit I own (see above).

Inspired by the dust on the glass of the degree, a few months later I'm 70K words into what I hope is my debut novel. If you are reading this you are probably aware, at the very least, what the title is. Funny thing about writing a full length book versus a three minute song--it takes more work, focus, editing and technical storytelling ability. I like to think I have no throw away lines in songs and applying that same mentality to my book can be daunting at times.

Irregardless, I'm committed to finishing it and seeing it through. My goal, just like my music, is to feel connected and satisfied with my work and to present it as honestly and authentically as possible. My secondary goal is to find a home for it and share the world I built with an audience who appreciates and enjoys it. Simple enough, yes? Sounds simple anyway. Please email with suggestions on how to achieve those two modest goals.

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