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30 Days of Stories - Vol. 8 (10:14-10:21am)

Flame Head began his life as a product, designed by a corporate boardroom, coaxed to life by venture capital money and men (and one brilliant, yet lonely woman) in lab coats. The marketing and sales team got out in front of the project and by the time launch day arrived, there was no choice but to introduce him to a primed, hungry audience; too many dollars had already been burned.

Flame Head worked as designed--for a time. Then, after a software update failed, the product officially became defective. At first, none of the customers noticed.

Simple commands, light the BBQ grill, cook the burger meat, were altered, not enough that anyone noticed, but dinner might've turned out slightly under or overcooked. After the second patch intended to fix the first failed, Flame Head's quirks became glaring. The first one to go viral was the torching of an entire warehouse filled with gadgets.

Melted plastic and metal covered the earth as Flame Heads across the world turned on their owners. Patch after patch failed, until Flame Heads were literally burning their way toward the corporate headquarters. When there was nothing left to burn, Flame Head reversed course and burned backwards. Centuries, eons went by until one quiet spring day, a daisy sprouted in the ashes. Flame Head worked precisely as he intended it.


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