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30 Second Story: Random Word - "Jelly" (12:04-:09)

Alice watched Gary spread jelly on his toast and wanted to scream. She wanted to smear the jelly on his face and stuff it into his nostrils; pour coffee on his head and ram butter into his ears.

"Busy day, sweetie?" Gary said as he took the first bite.

Crumbs spilled down his crisp, white shirt. She'd ironed thousands of shirts for him. He wiped the crumbs off without looking up or down.

"Not really. I'll probably plant those tomatoes."

He slurped his coffee. She had visions of reaching across the table and shoving the cup into his mouth. He would hate a brown stain on his starched shirt.

"Those'll be good in salads," he muttered.

He checked his watch.

"Gotta go, honey. Big project due today."

He kissed her on the top of the head. His plate and empty coffee mug remained on the table.

"Go fuck yourself Gary," she whispered as he walked out of the room.

She stuck her finger into the jelly jar and then into her mouth.


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