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Staying the Course In Rough Waters

I have to take time away from the book. If I don't, I will go crazier than I already am. There is so much pressure to make things happen, finish the novel, create compelling characters, earn money, furnish a home, all the while being the best human you can be. It's a lot. Stepping away allows me a chance to refill my tanks and gain a new perspective on both the novel and the challenge it represents. That being said, I don't have the answers.

The danger is staying away too long. Your words can rot on the vine if you stop investing your energy into them. Sometimes it feels like moving an iceberg across a slushy bay. That is just the reality of it. Creating a unique, entertaining, cohesive story from your mind is not easy and is not without a hefty set of frustrations. That point is to keep going. Don't stop, especially when you feel like stopping. That is the absolute worst time to quit.

In closing, get back on the horse, pull the novel out of the drawer, read it, absorb it, be in it and by all means, finish it. You'll thank me later.


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